Do wooden greeting cards break?

Like paper cards, wooden cards can also be torn or folded. But have in mind that even after folding the wooden postcard along he microfibers, there is no bending mark and you can continue using it successfully. Therefore, in most cases, a wooden greeting card is not just as good as a paper card, but is superior by its exclusivity and warmth.

Can I write text on wooden cards by hand?

Yes, you can write with many conventional pans on our items, so on the wooden microfiber card you can write a welcome text or greeting by hand. Because of wood porosity we recommend you avoid using very liquid inks and quills.

Can you write a greeting text in a foreign language?

Yes, if you select a card with the text transcription service, we can write your greetings in all languages. We always send the postcard layout for your approval, and make it after you approve it.

What are the differences between the no-fold or folded postcards?

A no-fold postcard is a solid rectangle wood plate and a folded postcard looks like a booklet.

How thick are wooden postcards, and what is their durability?

Thickness of wooden greeting cards, invitations depends on the type of wood and ranges from 0.4 mm to 0.6 mm. Minor wood bends do not affect our product quality.

Will the ordered goods look like in the catalog pictures?

Since everything is made from natural wood microfiber, the product image can be slightly different from the real item. Each card or invitation has a different texture, positioning of tree rings and/or branches. Each tree species are further divided into feminine and masculine. Nature is unique, always changing and evolving, so our products are unique in that you will never find a completely identical second card or separator for a book. Cards are made of several different species of wood, therefore, a wooden postcard may differ from what you see in the picture.

Can a wooden postcard warp or twist?

All of our products are made of 100% natural wood, they are breathable, making wooden postcards prone to humidity and temperature changes. We do not recommend using domestic heating appliances (irons, etc.) for straightening our products. For storage, or for restoring the straight wood you only have to keep the wooden postcard pressed between books.

Why text writing is paid additionally?

This is because, in each case, our employees are making the layout, selecting the nicest font, properly arranging the words so that they look nice when printed on the postcard, and send the layout for your review and a confirmation that everything is acceptable and beautiful. If you order larger quantities (5 pcs. or more) or organise a celebration with many postcards and you need recording service, we will offer you a better price.