About us

"Let us gues! Probably, you live in the city, maybe - alongside the forest or on the lakeshore. It is also possible - you fly above the clouds.But they live in colours and they are talking in colours. They talk about a world where dreams become reality. About everyday life, such as nice as holidays. About feelings, which are more important than knowledge. They are fairies, angels, elves, chimney sweeps and dreamy girls, who amazes another dress, sweet cake or large embrace of love. And if anyone ask you, where those miracles happen, you will know: it is happening in small cozy studio, where those miracles gracefully move on real wooden cards. Forest smelling wood cards are nice to see and nice to touch – no matter it is took out from the envelope or placed on a windowsill... It is just like the best regards, as inspiration to dream and share happiness and believe in miracles. After all, it happens to those who believe in them!"

This is story about us - Cozywood: we are like those heroes from our greeting cards - friendly lovely dreamers giving the world heartwarming moments! Cozywood is creating studio where wooden greeting cards are born – original eco-gift made of natural wood. Each card are designed with love and idea seeking to surprise, cheer and warm everyone who takes our product in their hands. Since the ancient times the tree is known as a symbol of strength and warmth, emitting positive energy. So each card is cosy and unique because of different texture and colour - you'll never find two identical greeting cards! And Cozywood's souls Neringa Spalvose emotional, beautiful, cozy, colorful and lovely pictures force you softly to fall into dreams!

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